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There are plenty of options to get your small business the funding it needs. Ranging from an SBA loan to business line of credit to merchant cash advance. To know which type is most relevant to your business needs, read more here

Any business entity that is at least one year old with a minimum of $50,000 average annual revenue or roughly $4,200 monthly revenue from the past 3 months. Simply Funded does not provide credit access to businesses in the following industries: _______________________

Going through the traditional method will take you longer to get the approval. With us, you can get access to the capital you need in as early as 24 hours after you apply. This however will differ depending on the type of loan that you are after. Want to find out more? Click here (takes user t4o lead capture form)

With us, the paperwork is minimized. To complete our initial application, all you need is your business account bank statements from the past few months (can be easily uploaded to the application). Other necessary information include your estimated credit score, the company's monthly revenue, the industry you're in, company's debt obligations, and the reason for the loan. All of which does not require digging up documentations if you know your company well

Having excellent credit does help you access larger loan amounts and more favorable rates and terms but there are several other factors that can help you qualify. Lenders look at your time in business, revenues, financial projections, assets, and more to gauge your ability in managing your business operations Additionally, lenders will also take a look at your personal credit For example, if you’re seeking a short term loan, your lender may be more concerned with your personal finances as a measure of how you will manage your business finances.  If your credit score isn't sky-high, don't fret as there are plenty of financing options you can still qualify for (takes user to lead capture form)

A collateral is a lender's way of having security in case you default. Depending on your lender, loan type and other factors such as your business revenue stream, financial projections, time in business and more, a collateral might not be neces

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We’re an online lending marketplace, which means that we’re simply the bridge between borrowers and lenders. We connect small business owners like you to loan options from our nationwide network of 80 lending partners. You shop, we deliver.

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Your business banking information provide lenders with a gauge of how well you manage your business finance. It also provides them with an indication if your business is able to meet the rates and terms of the loan.

There’s absolutely no fees for you to apply through Simply Funded and browse our small business loan options. As with any loan, you will pay an interest rate or fixed fee, but they go to your lender, not us.

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