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Simply Funded offers the simplest path for business owners to secure the right financing to meet whatever challenges your business is facing.
Backed by a nationwide network of top-tier lending partners, we bring you options that include SBA Loan, Term Loan, Invoice Financing, Revolving Line of Credit, and Bad Credit Business Loans. Find the right financing for your business needs today

Minimum Requirements
  • $8,500 monthly business revenue
  • At least 6 months operating time
By having these requirements, you’re already prequalified for financing. Fill out the form to discover the amount, rates and terms you’re qualified for.
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The best time to get funding is when you think you don’t need it
Looking for funding after the need arises may mean missing out on growth opportunities. Coupled with the time it takes just to get a quote from traditional lenders, you will find yourself spending more time looking for funding, than on your business.

Lenders prefer working with businesses with a healthy revenue stream and financial position. Thus, the perfect timing to seek funding and take the risks is when your business has an active revenue stream as it provides lenders with the guarantee that you are able to meet your financing obligations.
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What our clients love about us

As a business owner I found myself with a cash flow issue and needed some working capital quickly. Simply Funded moved quickly and professionally to find an option that fit my needs! I look forward to working with them again in the future and I would recommend Simply Funded again and again.
Wilkes Barre PA
I had a great experience with Simply Funded. They were able to get us the terms and funds needed with very little hassle. They were very upfront about the process and what to expect from their end and made the process seamless. I would definitely recommend Simply Funded if you’re needing an infusion of working capital for your business.
KJ Cook
TOL Transportation LLC