Short-Term Business Loan

Your all-rounder financing option for immediate needs

These are loans that provide a cash lump sum with repayment times of 90 days to 18 months. Perfect for addressing any unexpected situation thanks to its low turnaround application time. Enabling you to meet a variety of needs from covering unexpected costs, financing a short-term project, or weathering a slump


Max Loan Amount
$5,000 - $750,000
6 - 20 months
As low as 8%
As fast as same day

On top of the flexibility it offers, a short term loan has a set payment structure, limited paperwork requirements, and considers businesses with less established credit history

Getting Qualified

To be considered, your business needs to be in operation for 6 months with a minimum of $60,000 annual revenue. While it is not difficult to access a short-term business loan, depending on the requirements, your lender might ask you to provide a collateral to secure the loan.

Application Process

Find out if you qualify through our application platform at no cost or obligation to compare options from our lending partners. Our funding managers will then help you compare and select the best rate, terms, and payment plans. To save you from further headaches, gather the following documents in advance and upload them through our application platform:

Driver's License
Voided Business Check
Proof of Ownership
Bank Statements

There’s a simpler way to access the funds you need

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