Business Term Loan

Considered as the most common type of small business loan, this provides a lump sum capital with a monthly repayment schedule with fixed interest rates. Perfect for when you need a capital injection to finance a specific need


Max Loan Amount
$5,000 - $2 Million
1 - 5 years
As low as 6%
1-3 Business Days

The monthly payment structure of a term loan tend to have lower payments than short-term loans and the fixed rate allows you to easily create a plan to meet the repayment obligations.

Getting Qualified

For a small business to be qualified for a term loan, it needs to be in operation for 2 years, with an average of $100,000 annual revenue. Your lender might ask you for a collateral  to secure the loan. Therefore, we advise that you are able to create a solid cash flow as you consider applying for one

Application Process

While traditional lenders would require a generous amount of paperwork, our application platform makes it easy for you. Speed up the process by gathering these documents prior to your application:

YTD Financial Statements
Bank Statements
Business Tax Returns
Driver’s License

There’s a simpler way to access the funds you need

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